Dear clients, 

My website is currently undergoing enhancements (the pages are getting filled, and you are welcome to go through them) to provide you with a better experience. I apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.    

Stay tuned for the exiting updates! 

Yours sincerely, Irina

Irina Santos Photography

Hello my dear guest, I am Irina and I am glad to see you here.

I won’t lie to you saying that I always had a passion for photography, but growing as a chemical engineer I always thought that I was not where I was meant to be. Throughout my life I have tried so many different jobs starting from a cleaner ending with an engineer in one of the biggest mining companies in the world. 

When I gave birth to my daughter and was on a maternity leave I bought a 103 years old Singer sewing machine and started to pull apart some old leather bags and other products to see the tricks and hidden parts of how they were made (The skill I use now with the photos). Started making my first creations for sale and started my Instagram page. 2 years later ended up having 3 industrial sewing machines, piles of leather and people queuing up for my bags! I was really enjoying the process, but I think even more I was enjoying taking photos for my instagram page and watching my style  developing. 

During this time I fall in love with an Australian guy and decide to refresh my knowledge in engineering for my future in Australia and go to a full time job for a year. Then getting visas, relocation and settlement processes took some time, all not for a happy marriage where after a while in 2019 I had to start my life from a scratch. But thankfully I had my daughter, new friends and Australian unique beauty around to get inspiration and energy to keep going and even bought my first professional camera, it was my beloved Fuji XT3. I was travelling a lot and was mainly shooting landscapes, nature, animals and my daughter of course and with this experience I noticed I was able to express my vision clearer with every single time I used my camera. I was learning a lot (and still am!), courses, workshops, like a a sponge but still did not even think of getting into it professionally. 

A switch started happening in the beginning of 2023 when people just started offering me money to take photos of them. Somewhere there was a change to Fuji XT4 and Fuji XH2S, and a short switch to a Sony. Now I am fully settled and happy with my Canon system. 

As we all have our doubts, me too, for quite a while I was thinking I can’t do photography professionally because I have not found my niche yet and am jumping from one theme to another. But from a history of photography course I am doing right now I learnt that none of the greatest ever stopped at one theme. They developed their unique style by gradually refocusing their interest to a different areas and taking what was the best for them out of each of the area to become who they are. To be spoken about for decades even after their death.

At the moment I am shooting lifestyle, families, portraits, engagements, love story, also some events, including weddings and presentations. I absolutely love experimenting and always have new ideas!

If my photography style resonates with you, let’s connect! Contact me any convenient way, I’d love to hear more about your upcoming project and would love to make it extraordinary together! 

Yours sincerely, Irina