Choosing your photographer

Selecting the right photographer is the cornerstone of transforming moments into lasting memories. Beyond technical skill, it’s about finding a creative soul that’s in your opinion better than others will be able to capture moments that will resonate with your view. That’s why it is very important to see the photographer’s portfolio before the shoot and like their style. Tastes differ!

How early should I book my photo shoot?

I recommend booking the photo shoot 1-4 weeks prior to your desired date.
Occasionally, I may be able to accommodate last-minute requests, but I cannot guarantee it.


Selecting the ideal location is the first brushstroke in painting your visual masterpiece. As a photographer, I believe in the power of the place to enhance and define your narrative. Whether it’s urban allure of city streets, the untamed beauty of WA’s unique nature, or the intimate settings of your everyday life, let’s collaboratively choose a backdrop that breathes life into your moments. For commercial photoshoots I am available within 40min drive from the City centre. 

Weather in Perth

In the summer time, if it’s an outside photo shoot, due to harsh heat I personally like and recommend going out early morning or at sunset, when it’s a bit cooler and the sun does not cast harsh shadows.

In the winter, any time is good and I actually enjoy our rainy season and believe that it gives more opportunities to create because of the mystical atmosphere. But of course, I enjoy all the seasons and find benefits in each of them.

Don’t be late

Please arrive on time. Let’s respect each other’s time.

If you think you will be delayed, please text me at least one hour before the scheduled time. 

If you arrive late, keep in mind that we will shoot for the remaining time you have booked (if you booked a slot from 9:00 to 10:00 and arrive at 9:15, we will shoot for the remaining 45 minutes).

I suggest arriving early and even having a drink nearby so you don’t begin your experience in a “rushed” state of mind.

If you wish to extend beyond the time of your scheduled photoshoot slot and I’m available, it’s charged at a rate of your chosen photoshoot type.

What should I wear and what to bring

With my clients we usually discuss and choose the outfit according to their life style, occasion and the location. But there is still going to be one universal advice from me — choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and reflect your individuality — this will help you to feel confident during the photoshoot. Don’t put too much makeup if you don’t usually wear it at all — you may not like yourself in the photos simply because you are not used to that look.

Care about your belongings

For minimal distraction please, leave all your valuable things at home/car. Try to be light and easy to move from one location to another, without being worried about the safety of your possessions. For a city walk a suitcase on wheels with all the spare clothing could be a solution for a careless relocation. 

After the photoshoot

Following the photoshoot, you have two options for photo selection:
First, I can personally choose the photos. Alternatively, I can send you the entire gallery with watermarked images, allowing you to choose your favourite ones for editing. Once you’ve made your selection, I will edit the chosen photos and send them to you.

Additionally, you have the option to purchase extra edited photos. Please refer to the pricing page for details on the additional costs.


I will do my best to edit your photos in a similar style you see on my Instagram and website. However, if you want a different editing style, you should consider selecting a photographer whose style aligns with your preferences. 

Kindly keep in mind that my photography style focuses on Portraits/Lifestyle. During the editing process, I will make adjustments to exposure, sharpness, contrast, and highlights. Additionally, I’ll perform cropping to ensure beautiful composition. I’ll enhance colors, vibrancy, and saturation while also removing any temporary skin imperfections such as acnes and distractions, like trash or other elements that are easy to erase. 

My editing approach does not involve altering body proportions or thinning arms, legs, or chin. I do not replace any body parts, fix manicure, haircut style, makeup, remove blemishes, scars, moles, or stains, unless they are easily removable. Additionally I don’t do wrinkles reshaping in your outfits unless it is a straightforward adjustment. Furthermore, I do not remove, reshape, or recreate hair.

However if you wish for any advanced editing it can be arranged for additional fee (should be discussed prior the photoshoot).

For how long the photos will be available online

Upon receiving the link, kindly download your photos as soon as you can. Also I highly recommend to create a backup. The edited photos will be securely stored on the cloud for a guaranteed period of 6 months. After 6 months, I cannot guarantee the availability of the photos on my hard disk. If you fail to download them before the link expires and I still have the photos, a re-upload fee of $20 will apply to make them available online again.

Should I bring a company with me?

Because it can be distracting (especially with children) and prevents The Photographer to do their job effectively and get the best images, absolutely no other cameras are allowed at the photo session. Also, please, bring only the people who will be photographed to the session. Too many people are often distracting especially for children. 


In order for me to promote my portfolio, I need to utilise my best work. As a result, all of my packages already include a discount that allows me to publish your photos in my portfolio across both my website and Instagram. If you prefer full confidentiality (your photos will never be published or used for any promotional purpose), please contact me prior the photoshoot for the original packages prices.


The client should obtain all permissions necessary for the Photographer to photograph at the shoot.The Photographer has no duty to obtain permissions at reception centres, buildings, properties, or other locations to operate thereon.

Can I expect every photo to be technically perfect?

Yes you can! 

Such things  as digital noise, grain, bokeh, motion blur, incorrect light and shades, etc. used as special techniques in photography and add an artistic and emotional effect to the image. Therefore, they are not considered as valid reasons for claims regarding the quality of the photographs.

Is it ok to give instructions?

Definitely! At big events it is a responsibility of the Client to instruct the Photographer in case they need a specific photo of someone in particular or of a specific group of people (for example colleagues) taken.